Virtual Gallerie has three principal software products and a variety of related services:


Virtual Gallerie uCurate (uCurate)- uCurate is a tool that lets end users create their own 3D exhibitions using artworks in a museum's collection or that museums wish to make avaialable from actual exhibits.   Users can hang paintings and arrange sculptures, paint walls and pedestals, write an overview of their exhibit, and write comments on individual works of art. They can then choose to publish their exhibitions so that other people can see them.   uCurate is for use in-gallery, on the web, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.  Virtual Gallerie customizes uCurate for each museum, so that it can use spaces from their own galleries, and use their own artworks. uCurate also provides admin tools so that museums can add additional exhibition sets, and manage and monitor published exhibits.


Virtual Gallerie Curator (VG Curator)- VG Curator is a 3D curatorial and exhibition planning tool.  It allows curators and exhibition planners to organize and visualize new, temporary, and/or permanent exhibitions in interactive 3D.  Users can hang paintings, arrange sculpture or other 3D objects, move and/or paint walls, estimate building costs, and perform other tasks in a 3D virtual gallery that they would otherwise perform in the physical world.  VG Curator may be used in tandem with other architectural design programs, such as AutoCAD, and with a museum’s collection management software, allowing users to import images, multimedia and other pertinent information into the software and create a 3D version of their museum.


Virtual Gallerie Walkthrough (VG Walkthrough)- VG Walkthrough is an online 3D virtual tour of a museum's galleries.  It has the same interfaces as VG Curator, but permits users to walk virtually through a museum and interact with art objects in that space.  VG Walkthrough can be custom designed with a variety of interactive content, including basic text, biographies, audio, video, high-resolution zooming, image archives, e-commerce applications and other multimedia.  It can be programmed to create a fly-by of the museum, allowing users to see a movie that moves through the museum with narration or other interactive elements.


Virtual Gallerie Online (VG Online)- VG Online is a 3D exhibition planning and virtual tour product that runs completely on the Web and allows users to easily create and publish their own gallery spaces from scratch at any size or configuration.  VG Online is primarily used by small museums, galleries, and universities that wish to create their own exhibition space online and share their collection with the public .  VG Online  also enables distance learning for museum studies courses, allowing universities to teach students the art of curation by enabling them to create unique exhibitions online that can be reviewed by their professors and peers.


3D Object Creation- Any object can be modeled in interactive 3D and re-purposed for online viewing in a browser or media player.


3D Games- Custom built 3D games for art education and entertainment for a variety of age groups.


3D Mapping- Flash and Pulse based mapping tools for visitor wayfinding on the web or at a museum kiosk.


Other 3D Applications- Our products have evolved from listening to our clients’ great ideas over the years.  Please share your idea with us.